Friday, January 10, 2014

Project Life Baby Book

While I was in Michigan over the holidays, I helped my sister-in-law put together a baby book for my nephew.  She had already done her homework and had 10 months of pictures and basic scrapbook supplies ready to go!  I'm not going to lie, when I saw how many BOXES and BOXES of pictures she had I was a little worried about what we had to tackle... then, we rolled up our sleeves and dug in, literally.  

Day 1 was spent sorting and sorting and sorting!  This picture doesn't even capture half of the number of boxes of pictures!  We used the "month" 4x6 cards as guides for our sorting. 

This is the first time I've used nothing but Project Life supplies to put together a book.  I have to say, for quick/catching up/beautiful scrapbooking, Project Life is the way to go.  Here's our supply list (you can order straight from my Amazon Associates Store that's linked at the top of my blog):

  • Becky Higgins Photo Pocket Pages - Big Variety Pack 1 & 3
  • Holiday Mini Kit
  • Core Kit - Baby Edition for Him
  • We - R - Memory Keepers Faux Leather 3- Ring Binders 
  • Recollections paper trimmer
After we got the months sorted out, we sorted those stacks and put them in order.  As we went though, Ashleigh pulled out any she didn't want to use which helped reduce our piles!  Then, we made more stacks of which pictures should remain 4X6 and which direction they needed to go and which pictures could be cropped into 4x4 cubes; or 3x4 sizes.  This made putting the pages together a breeze!  If we knew we needed 6 3x4 pictures we just grabbed that stack.   

How cute is our little helper?! Can't believe he will be ONE in a few weeks!!!

After about 4 days of working on our project on and off, we had finished all the way up to 10 months!  I left Ashleigh with the chore of completing the journaling cards and month highlights/stats.  We had such a good time working on our little project and we LOVE the outcome!   

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