Monday, January 27, 2014

Felt Rosette Wreath


I've been channeling my inner wreath making mojo and tackled another wreath project over the weekend!  In reality, I bought the felt and supplies before we went to MI for Christmas and got sidetracked by making a baby scrapbook while we were there so the wreath got put on the backburner and the supplies sat in the floor... for weeks.  Does that ever happen to anyone else?!  You have the best of intentions and then life sets in.  Anyhow... I decided it was time!  LOVE the finished product and it's perfect for Valentine's Day! 

I researched online the different tips and tricks for cutting felt circles.  I def. was not interested in tracing and cutting the 200+ circles!  Then, I came across this little cutter that cuts through felt/fabric.  I ordered mine from Amazon
 My not-so-helpful helper which was more like a paper weight. 
All you do is cut a 3" circle, fold it half and then half again and then stick a straight pin through the bottom corner and then into the wreath.  Easy peasy!

This is where I stopped after night one and about 2 hours.  I had done the whole front but not the inner circle and outer edges

Ta da!  I hung it from a hook on our mantle and have already enjoyed seeing it while we watch TV!  LOVE the bright pop of color it adds to our fireplace.  My Mom actually gave me the "G" the last time I saw her and it was the perfect addition. 

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