Monday, January 28, 2013

Bathroom Cabinet Redo

Our master bathroom has basically zero storage.  When I first saw the house, I knew this would be a problem, especially since my house in Baton Rouge had AMAZING storage in the bathroom and I got totally spoiled from that.  As part of the deal, I had the builder add extra cabinets in the master bath and the laundry room.  Over the last 2 years my cabinet hasn't stayed as nice and neat as I would like.  So, I gave it an overhaul.  I found these cute little baskets at Michael's and even snagged them when they were 50% off.  Win win.  The top shelf still looks a little messy but it's actually organized up there.. promise :-)  

With the 4 baskets across it's a perfect fit but still a little snug for my liking.  

The before... because who doesn't love the "before" pictures?
The after!  Well, the almost "after"

These baskets are the perfect size for corralling all the odds and ends

Yes, I have a love for little "purse" soaps and a hate for germs. 
The baskets felt like they were missing something so I added a cute little label with an even cuter little clothespin!  Who doesn't love a bling-ed out clothespin?!  I got these at Michael's -- they were only $2.99 for 12.  Score.

The finished product!  Makes me smile every time I open the door!

Close up of the adorable label/clothespin


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Saturday!

This is my first "downtime" weekend of 2013!  Adam & Henderson headed to Michigan so I'm using my "alone" time to check some things off my to-do list.  

(The reason for the Michigan trip ;-) )

First up was moving some stuff that's accumulated in the garage to the basement.  That led to sorting/organizing the wedding supplies that are quickly growing!  I FINALLY feel like I've got a grip on this whole wedding thing!  I boxed things up based on when/where they'll be used.. I have boxes for lobby, ceremony, cocktail hour, mantle, sweetheart table and favors!  Everything is all inventoried and accounted for in my massive wedding spreadsheet.

Then it was on to 13 listings on eBay.  I go back and forth on if it's worth the time/effort to list things on eBay but I figured since I had so many things and a little bit of time this morning, I'd throw them up and see what happens.

While the pictures were uploading for the listings, I multi-tasked and worked on my awesome Christmas present from Lauren!  She got me one of those matted frames with Adam (heart) Ashley cut out of it.  I had ordered all our engagement pics a few months ago so I laid it out and got that baby put together!  It looks so cute!  I may even use it to decorate with at the wedding.

I took a mini-break to watch 2 episodes of Grey's Anatomy (I'm SO behind on all my shows and I'm sad a lot of them aren't even on OnDemand anymore :( ). 

After my mini-break I headed up to my beloved scrapbook room! It's been so long since I've worked on my scrapbooks!  I had so many projects going on in December I neglected my books.  I did keep a calendar with how many scrapbook pages I made in 2012......152 total!  So.. being the competitive person that I am... my goal for 2013.... 200 pages!  I should get to count the 125 wedding invitations I'll be making here soon in that! :-)

I'm still working on my 2009 Labor Day Cruise.. once I find a good stopping point (either after the cruise or when the next 12x12 book starts) I'm going to switch up my scrapbook method.  I'm also NOT ordering pictures way in advance like I always have for several reasons - they take a lot of space to store, I want to order different sizes going forward and I need to start limiting how many I order for each event!

Now I'm off to unload my scrapbook table (it's covered in my haul of clearance scrapbook paper!) and maybe just maybe start cranking out some scrapbook pages!!!  

Note:  Some pages I threw together Saturday/Sunday:

Love these pictures of my niece.  She had just turned 1.  I totally bought the B is for Boys cartridge JUST for this picture of her in the little car.   
Who doesn't love a cute towel animal on their bed?!

This picture kept uploading sideways so I had to go with a screenshot because it's too cute to not share!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our Save-the-Dates

Since most of our guests have by now received their save-the-dates, I thought I would share them on here.  I absolutely love them, they are so "us" ;-)

I designed a tri-fold card and had pictures/info put on the front and back.  I was able to use 5 of our engagement pics, a quote and still had room for 2 separate places with info.

I made these at

In full disclosure, I did end up having some pretty significant quality issues when I ordered 100 cards but Customer Service made things "right" in the end.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fiesta Store and some Random-itis

This past weekend, I made a mad dash back to WV for a friend from college's wedding.  I drove to Princeton Friday night and stayed at my parents.  Saturday morning my mom (aka my wedding date) and I made a little detour and went by the hospital in Charleston to see Lauren after she had Baby Logan.  Then, we made our way on up to Morgantown... after of course, a stop at the Everything Fiesta! store in Flatwoods.  I have always loved this store and have stopped their countless times on my many trips to and from Morgantown.  When I first started getting into Fiesta, I would stop there and buy 1 or 2 things and have slowly built up my collection.  Such a fun, beautiful, bright store!!

I wrote down some things I want to make sure to add to our wedding registry and also grabbed a few seasonal items that were on sale:

I think their Christmas Fiesta is a little on the plain side but decided to get a few of the serving side pieces to use with my everyday Fiesta during the holidays.  I don't understand why they put the tree on the bottom of the plates and then it's just covered up with food!  Regardless, it will make up a cute table come the holidays.

I also picked up this large mixing bowl to use as a fruit bowl.  I love the pop of color it adds to my kitchen!  It also tells me I need to get some more fruit!
This is the last purchase I made there.  This bowl was marked down to a fab price because it's a VT color!  They had a whole section of items that were maroon and orange they were clearancing out.  I mean really, what were they thinking with the store being so close to WVU?!  Oh well, love the shape/size of this guy, he'll be a nice addition!

I'm finally getting ready to pack up all my Christmas decor but wanted to share a few last things from this season!  First, is how I have displayed our Christmas cards the last 2 years.  I picked up this little Christmas tree holder at Ace Hardware of all places last year.  I like seeing it "fill up" as the days go by in December.  Only downside is that a lot of cute cards/pictures get covered up.

Here's a snapshot of our 2012 Christmas card:  I used one of our engagement pics on the cover and some pictures from Christmas 2011 on the inside and back.  No wasted space on our card!

 And, to end on a sweet note, my amazing fiance surprised me with this beautiful bouquet of flowers last night after work!  Isn't he the BEST?!  I think I shall marry him ;-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

5 Months To Go!

Where did my year of planning go?!  Where are all my plans?!  Ahh!
I did get the save-the-dates in the mail yesterday!! We sent them to 19 states and 2 countries!!!  That just blows my mind.  Our wedding will represent the good ol' USA!  Mom's coming down for 10 days starting this Friday and I'm going to have about 40 appointments set up to hopefully get some things rolling!
I can't even believe we are down to 151 days.. but who is counting??? ;-)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby Boy Scrapbook Gifts

Just wanted to share one of my favorite scrapbook creations yet!  My best friend, Lauren, (and also my Matron of Honor) and future sister-in-law, Ashleigh, (also a bridesmaid!) were both expecting little blue bundles of joy the first part of the year.  I wanted to make them "custom" baby books to capture their boys first years.  I made both an 8x8 scrapbook and you can see the pictures below.  My own kids probably won't even have books these cute!! 

On a related note, Lauren's little man decided he didn't want to wait for his due date, February 6th, and made a surprise debut 5 weeks early this past Friday!  Momma's doing good but babies still working out the whole breathing on his own thing, so send them lots of good baby vibes please :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A last minute favorite

So right before Christmas, while looking for some more of the OXO containers,  I discovered this awesome little kitchen essential:

It's a soap dispensing dish scrub!  I can't tell you how many of the cheap-o ones I've bought of these and the sponge either falls off or soap just pours out of it endlessly and makes a huge yucky mess in the sink.  With this little guy, you just push the button when you want more soap and it's contained otherwise.  Love it!  I also ran out and bought one for my mom and grandma and it was "officially" the last gift of the season.  I'm curious to see their ratings as well. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas at Peppertree

I found a post I forgot to post before Christmas, which actually worked out well because my brain is mush right now!  We had a great Christmas and New Years with both our families, did a ton of driving (and eating), and now I'm ready to get some structure back in my life!  I'll share some about our holidays later this week,  Happy Wednesday!

My whole life, one of my favorite things to see are the presents under the Christmas tree.  I think this is because my mom always does such a professional wrapping job complete with Martha Stewart bows and our presents looked like something out of the magazines.  So somewhere along the way, a little of this rubbed off on me I suppose.  I always try to coordinate my wrapping paper so that all the presents "match" but as we've added little ones to the mix, the paper tends to reflect their personalities vs my matching color scheme.  Last night, we loaded up the gifts to take home but I was able to snap some pictures before it was dismantled:

The "kid" side if you couldn't tell :)

...and my boys being silly

And 2 bonus pictures because I want to remember what it looks like 10 years from now :)