Monday, September 7, 2015

August Progress Toward Goals

We spent the holiday weekend in Chicago and just got back a few hours ago.  We seem to be bringing the heat everywhere we go lately -- Chicago was having weather that was 15-20 degrees higher than normal for this time of year!  We had a few hot, busy, fun days.  We had some family and friends in Chicago at the same time so we were glad to get some squeeze in some time with them too.  

1 - Used up Products

  1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - This is the second or third one I've used up of this product and I swear by it!  I can't imagine wearing eyeshadow without this as a base.  It really bring the pigment out on the shadow and makes it stay on all day.
  2. Blixtex lip gloss
  3. Clinique Bamboo Pink lip stick -- of course one of my all time favorites
  4. Glitzy Tarte Lip Surgence -- they decided to bring this product by! YAY!  Excellent lip color and product
  5. Biomega Smoothing Elixir - I've got to be honest, I bought this hair product 5 years ago when i was living in Baton Rouge from the salon I went too.  Not sure if it really does anything which is always my struggle with hair products.  
2.  Books & Magazine
23 magazines, 1 book and 2 audible books.  The book I finished up was "Empty Mansions" and I highly recommend it if you like stories about the people with "old money".  Great read and so fascinating to learn about how the other half lives!  The 2 audible books were books 2 and 3 of the Chesapeake Bay saga by Nora Roberts.  I was able to read so many magazines because we had so many flights in August!  Perfect time to do some catching up.  

3.  Blog Posts
  • 2 for the month

4.  Get More Exercise

  • January = 40.71 miles
  • February = 41.11 miles
  • March = 49.59 miles
  • April = 52.51 miles
  • May =  50.86 miles
  • June =  80.38 miles 
  • July =  77.46 miles
  • August = 72.02 miles
5.  Scrapbook Progress

  • January = 30 pages
  • February = 66 pages
  • March = 31 pages
  • April = 3 pages (bummer)
  • May = 29 pages 
  • June = 57 pages  
  • July =  30 pages
  • August = 88 pages