Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding Flowers

Yep.. I'm still alive! September is always a crazy month for me work wise. It's college recruiting season which is a big travel time. In a 3-week period I hit Tuscaloosa, Mobile, Charleston, WV, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Chattanooga and Phoenix. That's a lot of airports. I got to have some fun along the way -- stayed a weekend in Mobile with Jen and finally got to see her new apartment, went to the WVU/Oklahoma Tech football game, got to see Lauren, Baby Logan and Jaime and had dinner with Adam's family in Phoenix. SO glad to be back home though! I missed my sweet husband tremendously! 

On the weekends, I've been working on our Honeymoon scrapbook! I'll share pictures once I complete it -- I'm up to day 5.5 and we are just arriving in Bora Bora. Blows my mind that it was 4 months ago. Seems like a distant, wonderful memory. Once I finish it up, my plan is to jump into our wedding album and then I'm going to do an engagement album that will have all our parties, engagement pics, planning process and bridal shopping trips in it. Lots and lots of pictures to scrapbook! 

Turning now back to the wedding.. let's talk about flowers! It was a nobrainer that I wanted lots of pink -- but I wanted romance and not Sweet 16. LOVE how everything turned out. 

Jr. Bridesmaid Bouquet
Bouquets for our mother's
Bridesmaid's Bouquet
These peonies were actually brought from WV from my mom and are from her house - the florist made them into a wreath
Loved how the flower swag/garland turned out -- I wasn't expecting it to be so full
My mom took almost all the flowers home with her and left them at the cemetery with my grandpa's grave