Wednesday, May 14, 2014

April Progress Toward Goals

Well, here we are, mid-May!  Tomorrow is my sweet husband's 30th birthday!  We were such youngsters when we met :) (not really, but he was 25!) - time is just going so fast.  Love the life we have together.  There are so many little things everyday that just make me smile - so thankful to have him in my life!  Not to mention, he got me not one, but two, bouquets of flowers, for Mother's Day, from the dog. ;-)
I'm still on my "personal goal" quest-- here are my updates for April:
1.  Only buy the absolute necessary toiletries/cosmetics/etc
Used up quite a few products in April - anyone else notice that the Bath and Body Works hand soap seems to last forever?  This scent was the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and I LOVE it.  I also used up the Winter Candy Apple Shower Gel - was ready to see it go!  Still like the scent just ready for a change.   

I really enjoyed the baby cakes baked blush palette.  There were 4 colors in this set from Laura Geller and it lasted a long time.  It just wasn't very easy to travel with because of the size.  The colors were Sugar Free Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Golden Apricot and Sunswept.  LOVED mixing the Golden Apricot and Sunswept together - would probably repurchase just those 2 colors in the future.    

Also used up a purple sephora eyeliner - probably would not repurchase and a few other misc items.  

2.  No more magazine subscriptions (unless they are free).  My goal is to finish reading the backlog of magazines in the living room and then start on my actual book collection!  My goal is 1-2 books per month.  
Read 2 magazines and 3 Mary Higgins Clark Books.  Seriously, love her books!  I did some across some MHC books for really cheap at a yard sale so I indulged and bought them, couldn't resist!     

 3.  At least one blog entry a week.  
I only did 2 in April :-( 
4.  Use the elliptical that's literally just  accumulating spider webs in the basement -- get in 20-30 minutes a day on the elliptical and walk Henderson 1-2 times  a week.
January - 56.53 miles 
February - 64.57 miles 
March - 62.27 miles
April - 46.23 -- TOTALLY fell off the wagon.  I'm not even sure what happened in April, esp since the weather was better!!!  At least I have no where to go but up for May.  Sigh.  
5.  Less eating out at work.  My goal is to only eat out 2-3 times a week.  
Still doing well with this goal!  Haven't really seen any changes in weight but at least I'm not spending the money on fast food, etc. 
 6.  Since I beat my scrapbook page goal for 2013, I think I am going to go with ... 300 pages for 2014. 
I only did 6 pages in April.  That being said, my Mom and Grandma were in town the weekend of my birthday and we worked in my Grandma's old family pictures some more.  Not sure how many pages we actually got completed.  


How are your New Year Resolutions/Goals going?!