Friday, October 26, 2012

A stop along the way to happily ever after

As a picture/scrapbook fanatic, one of the things I've been looking forward to the most is our engagement pictures!  With that excitement, I have also stressed myself out over every detail in planning them!  Which photographer?!  What time of year?!  Where should we have them made?!  What will I wear? What will Adam wear?  What should our props/poses be?  What if I'm having a bad day?  What if it rains on the day we've planned?  I'm sooo making myself crazy!  After tons of planning and anticipation, we finally had our pics made 2 weeks ago in downtown Chattanooga.  Overall, I'm really pleased with the pics!  There's enough of the ones I like to really do a lot with.  Some funny things happened:
  1. While taking pictures under the Walnut Street Bridge Adam saw a huge bug on my face.  I didn't notice it and then he killed it and got blood on himself.  Seconds later I had a big ol' whelp under my eye where it bit me!!!  The photographer said she could photoshop it out at least
  2. After we finished the pictures we were walking back to the car and Adam realized his pants had been unzipped.  Wooops. 
The photographer made a cool video/slideshow of some of the pictures -- here's the link.
I was hoping for a pic of my bring that shows how beautiful it is but we didn't get one to my liking.  I guess there's always the wedding!