Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas at Peppertree

I found a post I forgot to post before Christmas, which actually worked out well because my brain is mush right now!  We had a great Christmas and New Years with both our families, did a ton of driving (and eating), and now I'm ready to get some structure back in my life!  I'll share some about our holidays later this week,  Happy Wednesday!

My whole life, one of my favorite things to see are the presents under the Christmas tree.  I think this is because my mom always does such a professional wrapping job complete with Martha Stewart bows and our presents looked like something out of the magazines.  So somewhere along the way, a little of this rubbed off on me I suppose.  I always try to coordinate my wrapping paper so that all the presents "match" but as we've added little ones to the mix, the paper tends to reflect their personalities vs my matching color scheme.  Last night, we loaded up the gifts to take home but I was able to snap some pictures before it was dismantled:

The "kid" side if you couldn't tell :)

...and my boys being silly

And 2 bonus pictures because I want to remember what it looks like 10 years from now :)

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