Monday, January 28, 2013

Bathroom Cabinet Redo

Our master bathroom has basically zero storage.  When I first saw the house, I knew this would be a problem, especially since my house in Baton Rouge had AMAZING storage in the bathroom and I got totally spoiled from that.  As part of the deal, I had the builder add extra cabinets in the master bath and the laundry room.  Over the last 2 years my cabinet hasn't stayed as nice and neat as I would like.  So, I gave it an overhaul.  I found these cute little baskets at Michael's and even snagged them when they were 50% off.  Win win.  The top shelf still looks a little messy but it's actually organized up there.. promise :-)  

With the 4 baskets across it's a perfect fit but still a little snug for my liking.  

The before... because who doesn't love the "before" pictures?
The after!  Well, the almost "after"

These baskets are the perfect size for corralling all the odds and ends

Yes, I have a love for little "purse" soaps and a hate for germs. 
The baskets felt like they were missing something so I added a cute little label with an even cuter little clothespin!  Who doesn't love a bling-ed out clothespin?!  I got these at Michael's -- they were only $2.99 for 12.  Score.

The finished product!  Makes me smile every time I open the door!

Close up of the adorable label/clothespin


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