Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Saturday!

This is my first "downtime" weekend of 2013!  Adam & Henderson headed to Michigan so I'm using my "alone" time to check some things off my to-do list.  

(The reason for the Michigan trip ;-) )

First up was moving some stuff that's accumulated in the garage to the basement.  That led to sorting/organizing the wedding supplies that are quickly growing!  I FINALLY feel like I've got a grip on this whole wedding thing!  I boxed things up based on when/where they'll be used.. I have boxes for lobby, ceremony, cocktail hour, mantle, sweetheart table and favors!  Everything is all inventoried and accounted for in my massive wedding spreadsheet.

Then it was on to 13 listings on eBay.  I go back and forth on if it's worth the time/effort to list things on eBay but I figured since I had so many things and a little bit of time this morning, I'd throw them up and see what happens.

While the pictures were uploading for the listings, I multi-tasked and worked on my awesome Christmas present from Lauren!  She got me one of those matted frames with Adam (heart) Ashley cut out of it.  I had ordered all our engagement pics a few months ago so I laid it out and got that baby put together!  It looks so cute!  I may even use it to decorate with at the wedding.

I took a mini-break to watch 2 episodes of Grey's Anatomy (I'm SO behind on all my shows and I'm sad a lot of them aren't even on OnDemand anymore :( ). 

After my mini-break I headed up to my beloved scrapbook room! It's been so long since I've worked on my scrapbooks!  I had so many projects going on in December I neglected my books.  I did keep a calendar with how many scrapbook pages I made in 2012......152 total!  So.. being the competitive person that I am... my goal for 2013.... 200 pages!  I should get to count the 125 wedding invitations I'll be making here soon in that! :-)

I'm still working on my 2009 Labor Day Cruise.. once I find a good stopping point (either after the cruise or when the next 12x12 book starts) I'm going to switch up my scrapbook method.  I'm also NOT ordering pictures way in advance like I always have for several reasons - they take a lot of space to store, I want to order different sizes going forward and I need to start limiting how many I order for each event!

Now I'm off to unload my scrapbook table (it's covered in my haul of clearance scrapbook paper!) and maybe just maybe start cranking out some scrapbook pages!!!  

Note:  Some pages I threw together Saturday/Sunday:

Love these pictures of my niece.  She had just turned 1.  I totally bought the B is for Boys cartridge JUST for this picture of her in the little car.   
Who doesn't love a cute towel animal on their bed?!

This picture kept uploading sideways so I had to go with a screenshot because it's too cute to not share!

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