Monday, February 4, 2013

Closets thru the Years!

I confess... I have a deep burning love for CLOSETS!  Well, storage in general, but especially closets.  I thought it would be fun to take a trip down closet memory lane.  I could kick myself though, I don't have very good closet pictures at some of my houses so we'll have to make do with what we have.  I'm also not including my "current" closet because I have some changes in plan for it (minor ones) but it's still not photo ready!

First up, my college apartment closet:

Unfortunately, this was move in day and I never took another picture of my closet the other 3.5 years I lived there!  I do remember thinking that was the smallest closet EVER and got pretty creative with storing TONS and TONS of stuff in it through the years.  Plus, I can recall at least two times that the stupid wire shelf pulled loose and everything was in a heap in the floor.  Enter mom (remember her alter ego Shelf Expert) and we re-did the shelving and it never came down again!

After college, I moved into my first house in Cleveland, TN.  I may or may not have bought the house for the closet.  It was ah-ma-zing.  Again, I didn't do it justice with my pictures!

I loved that it had the little room (where I had a spot for ALL my jewelry) and then it went right into this awesome space with hanging on both sides!  I bought the shoe cubes that have been with me now at 3 houses and still really like them for my shoe storage.  They can be used like this or stacked (below).  Love love love this closet.  My first house had a lot of awesome storage in general.

Next up on the closet tour, Baton Rouge.  I wasn't so sure about these closets in the master bathroom at first but I ended up really liking this set-up.  There was one larger closet that had a lot of shelving and hanging space and then another smaller one with shelves and double hanging.  I'm not a big "folder" so I didn't think I would be able to utilize the shelves (at first) but have no fear, I filled those babies up in no time. 

I stored empty storage baskets on the top shelf, winter pajamas/boots below that, lighter weight pajamas, then purses and more comfy clothes, then jeans, shorts and some more purses and finally, on the bottom shelf, in the pink bins I had bathing suits, house shoes, tights/slips, etc.  The shelves ended up being awesome and I loved having my purses so easy to get to.
The before...

And the after!  Pretty self explanatory.  But, this is only my warmer weather clothes.  Didn't need many winter clothes in the B. Rouge!

This was the other closet off the master bath.  I ended up storing all my books on these shelves and it worked out great. 

These hanging rods housed all my cooler weather clothes.  Loved having a closet just for my winter clothes that wasn't completely accessible!


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