Monday, December 3, 2012

Random Ramblings

Happy Monday!  I had a great weekend at home (literally didn't leave the house once with the exception of walking the dog around the neighborhood!).  It felt so good to finally get caught up on so many things and get my "to do" list pretty much completed (don't worry, I have a new one that's growing by the minute).  This post is going to be pretty random because well, that's how my weekend was. 

I had a "wedding nightmare" Saturday night which was probably inspired by the fact I knew our engagement announcement was going to be in the Chattanooga Times Free Press Sunday morning so I went to sleep thinking about that.  My dream was crazy!  I dreamed that the bridesmaids were wearing skin tight, sequined, hoochie-mama dresses... my dad had on jeans.. I had on a lace dress... the groom and groomsmen were late.. there was some awful music playing while I walked down the aisle.. I had a brick vs flowers for my bouquet... Eick!!!!  I even declared that this was NOT the wedding and I wanted a re-do and walked out of the church!  Then, when trying to decide when the wedding should be, started re-freaking out because I already had over 100 Save-the-dates made!  Thank goodness it was JUST a dream!!

Also happy to see our cute faces in Sunday's paper :).. seeing it in writing just makes it all that more real! (Yes, the rock on my finger makes it feel real as well)

In other randomness news, I am 100% addicted to a game on my iPad/iPhone called Candy Crush.  I'm at level 30 on my phone and 50 on my iPad.  You only get so many lives and then there's a time delay before you get any more or of course you can buy more lives... but who does that?  I'm cheap.. come on.  Plus, the time delay allows me time to do all the things I need to be doing haha

Check it out.. but know that I warned you... you won't be able to walk away!

I had a meeting in Nashville last Wednesday and made a quick trip there and back.  I have been dying to go to Nashville (No Adam that trip didn't count!!) and now I want to go even more.  After the meeting, my co-worker and I grabbed some lunch a the Cheesecake Factory (hello orange chicken and cheesecake!!!!) and then... another first... THE CONTAINER STORE!!  It was like love at first site for me.  I have always wanted to go in one of these stores but never really been close to one... Can you marry a store?!  It was Heaven!  So many containers, so little time.  I just walked around and touched everything...twice.

I've been trying to get my drawers organized in the bathroom and kitchen and they are such a weird/small size none of the dividers I've tried work really well.  I hate wasted space and I always end up with inches in the back that you can't access or along the sides.  I bought the Rubbermaid Interlocking Drawer Organizers to try in the bathroom and couldn't wait to get home and try them out.   

Here's the before...
 And the after! 

 So, it's still not "perfect" but it's better. With the pink baskets, my eye liners would sneak out those little slots on the side and I'd be forever looking for them.  This is my "everyday" make up for the most part and I have it in the top drawer for easy access.  The items in front left square are samples from Sephora that will get used up/tossed.  The right square holds my most used eye shadows.  In the long tray on the left are my brushes and primers.  The long tray on the right has my mascaras, eye lingers, eye make up brushes, etc.  In the far back 2 squares are compacts I don't use that often (but are too expensive to toss!!) and some older eye shadows.  The dreaded "space canal" on the right are more samples and my scissors.  Must have scissors in every room!  This drawer is only 7" wide so you can totally tell a man designed the bathroom cabinets...  

My last randomness topic is the "winter" finale of Revenge!  I LOVE this show.  I'm worried that not a lot of people talk about it so it could get canceled (so start watching it people)!!  I love the characters, I love the twisty plot, I love the Hamptons, I love it all!  I don't like that I have to wait a few months to see what's going to happen next!!! 

I also did quite a bit of crafting this weekend but I'm working on 2 very special projects so I can't post pics quite yet :)


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  1. I LOVE Revenge too! Yay!! We should watch & text like we used to with One Tree Hill haha!!