Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday happenins

Where has this week gone?  Too bad it's not Friday yet, I'm ready for a low-key, pj-wearin', stay-at-home kind weekend!  Monday night I threw the turkeys and pumpkins back in their storage totes in the basement and drug out the remaining Christmas decor.  I have a love of putting seasonal garland on my stair banister.. it just screams holidays.  One of the things I wanted in my house during the search was the wrought iron rungs .. and I got it :)  Here's the staircase "undecorated:" 
Looking festive for fall
Ready for Santa

Tuesday night I tackled putting the Christmas decor outside - nothing fancy, just a prelit wreath on the door and a few prelit trees in urns on either side of the entrance.  I have wreaths for the windows but I'm not sure I have the energy this year!  Maybe this weekend?? 
Mason nappin' in the garland

While I was working on the lights I decided I had better tackle some laundry, so I rounded it up.. and made a heap in the keeping room...and sorted it.. into 12 LOADS!  We do have quite a bit of additional linens given the guests for Thanksgiving, but sheeeesh, that's a LOT of laundry.  Wish me luck.  It's 2 days later and I still have 3 loads to go.


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