Thursday, December 20, 2012

Favorite Things: Day 3 - Beauty

Today’s favorite things are going to be beauty products.  Somehow, I went 25 years of my life without ever going into a Sephora or Ulta.  I mean how is that possible?!  I have spent waaaay too much money in both of these stores since discovering them, I’ll tell you that!  I think I’m even a “VIB” at Sephora now!  It’s like a candy store, so much to look at, touch, smell, try on, love love love it!

Some of my recommended purchases:

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion – my eye make-up stays put ALL day with this product. I just add a little to my eye lid before putting on any eye make-up and viola, it stays put for 15+ hours. One little tube lasts forever too. 

Urban Decay Lash Primer Potion - I've tried a few different primers over the years and this is my favorite. It has a nice thick brush and gives my lashes that perfect "boost" -- only negative to this product is that every Sephora and Utla I've been too this year has been sold out every time -- except the ONE time I found it!  Very in demand product apparently. 

My last eye make up recommendation for 2012 is the L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow.  I'm not one to typically buy drug store make up but I saw these when I was on a business trip and bought one on a whim.  I think the first one I bought was "Eternal Black" and what drew me to it was the hint of glitter.  This eye shadow is the BOMB.    I bought a second one -- pictured here -- in Midnight Blue and love it just as much.  It stays on all day (thanks especially to the above mentioned Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion) and I get so many compliments about the color!  The blue really compliments my blue eyes nicely.  For the $6.97 price, you can't beat this eye shadow. 

Another discovery made at Sephora this year was the Make Up For Ever line.  I really like their foundation and primer.  I have both the liquid foundation and the compact and change it up almost daily which one I wear.  I wore the compact a lot this summer because it's quicker to apply but I've found that either format lasts all day and gives me a good base.  Semi-pricey but both last a while and I'm willing to pay more for a good foundation (don't want to look orange, hate when some foundations give you a ghost look in pictures because of the pigment, don't want make up to come off on my phones or fingers when I touch my face, stay on all day, no creasing, etc). 


A fun purchase I made at Ulta was this baby cakes baked blush palette.  It has 4 shades and comes with a brush (that I don't use).  I like mixing all 4 colors for daily wear.  I've found the 2 on the left side are more "pink" and the 2 on the right are a good bronzer so mixed together it's the perfect shade for me.  Plus, it has a little sheen to it for the perfect glow. 

When Jen visited and we had our mini- MAC make over, I tried out their MAC Mineralize Concealor and really liked it.  I ended up purchasing it that day ($20 I think) and have used it daily since then.  You apply this concealer over your foundation and then blend with a foundation brush and then it basically somehow "matches" your skintone perfectly.  I use it under my eyes and on any problem areas and have been really pleased with it.  
 Mineralize Concealer
Brown Sugar & Fig Bath & Body Works Shower Gel & Lotion – I think I love this set because it smells like my favorite Scentsy scent (French Kiss) that was discontinued.  I found this scent in the fall at the store and got worried because I thought it was only a seasonal product.  Come to find out, the outlets have it year round and there’s an outlet about an hour from me.  Score.

I'm always on the hunt for my new favorite shampoo/conditioner and styling products but don't have any that I feel like I really loved for 2012.  I do have a large basket under the sink of products I was hoping I would love... but none that I can't live without.  Maybe I'll have some for 2013. 

What were your favorite beauty products for 2012?  Anyone else in love with Sephora??

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