Monday, November 12, 2012

50 Shades of Pink

...more like hundreds.  For a girl that LOVES pink, it's even a little overwhelming for me trying to decide on WHICH pink (or pinks) for the wedding!  So, I did a quick search, and apparently, on a color wheel, there is at least 256 shades, but many more are "possible". 
Jen & I had a fabulous weekend doing all kinds of girlie thins - shopping, wine, shopping, wine, bridesmaid dress shopping, eating, wine, TV (Lifetime/TLC), chatting, laughing, and well, I told you, being girlie.  We even had a mini-makeover at the MAC counter. 
We found one bridesmaid dress we really really liked and low and behold, it DOESN'T COME IN ANY SHADE OF PINK!!!  How is that even possible.
So back to the drawing board.. at least we have narrowed down what we like.  I'm also sticking with my original thoughts on long, chiffon, pink (duh) and some sort of strap (really like the one-shoulder flower but some can look goofy). 

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