Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Thanksgiving in the Books

Hard to believe Thanksgiving has already happened and is over!  I so wish this was another 3-day work week too!!  I did not want to get up this morning, plus, it was really cold!

We had a nice time at home (our TN home) with family.  My parents and grandma arrived Wednesday and then Adam's flew down for the night Saturday.  It's nice to be able to get the parents together.  I guess the next time they see each other will be the wedding!!

Mom's new pup, Ginger, is 100% adorable.  She was not the least bit afraid of Henderson.  She would chase him around the house all day if she could except he would go jump in his crate to get away from her. 

After telling myself I was not going shopping Black Friday... I caved.. majorly.  I think the highlight of Thanksgiving is seeing all the ads in the newspaper!!  I actually had to take a break from looking at them there were so many.  (Plus, those potatoes weren't going to peel and chop themselves now were they..)

So, I made my plan of attack and mom and granny decided to join me.  We left the house at 9pm and got home at 7AM FRIDAY MORNING... just in time for the sun to come up!

We started out at Michaels where I got the MOST awesome 10-drawer rolling storage cart - I actually got 2, one for my scrapbook room and one for sorting my Scentsy inventory.  Now I'm wishing I bought more because it's just that awesome and I got a heck of a deal.  I got 2 wreaths for the wedding too. 

Then it was on to Target.  Target was insane.  I actually ended up stashing the few things we wanted vs standing in line for 2 hours to check out.  Plus, I really wanted the pink Chi but they only had purple and gold left and I was willing to hold out for pink... and Jen found the pink one at her Target later in the night and picked it up for me.

We then got in line for Kohl's around 11:45 (which the line was at least 2 football fields long!).  We made a dash for the home items where I grabbed my Chef mats for the kitchen, some faux fur J-Lo throws, pet blanket for Henderson, some Fisher Price baby toys for upcoming arrivals, a few outfits for Abbie and Vera Wang sheets for mom.  Oh.. and a few can openers.  Apparently, no one likes my old school "crank" hand opener.  I'm pretty sure it has a stripped gear anyway.  We waited in line about an hour to check out which felt like FOREVER because it was boiling hot in there.  I did end up with $135 in Kohl's cash which now I can go back and buy more stuff with!

We headed across the street to the big mall next.  I picked up a few things at New York and Company for mom and me and while I was waiting (AGAIN) in a very slow-moving checkout line, Mom and Granny went on to Belk.  I left NY&Co and dropped by Sephora then grabbed some fries and bottled water before hitting Belk. 

I found them in the shoe section that looked like a few tornadoes had come through.  Do you ever wonder how many hours it takes to get everything put back away?!  By this point it was 4am!!  My grandma's face was priceless when I told her it was 4am.  We decided it was time to leave the mall and start making our way to Home Depot for her Christmas tree.

On the way to Home Depot we wasted some time (& money) at Ulta.  They were already sold out of the doorbusters I wanted but I managed to find a few other things I had to have.  We got to Home Depot around 4:40 and got in line.  Home Depot was actually the only place we went that had a map of where the doorbusters were located so we were able to make our attack plan.  I headed for my 22' ladder which was on one side of the story and mom and granny took over for the other side where the 7.5' tree was located.  We met back at the cash register (it was only 5:21!) and then magically shoved our new (LARGE) purchases into the Explorer that was already busing at the seams.  It really was like one of those clown cars where they just keep coming out except we were putting in.  I wish I had taken a picture because it was that amazing.

We were killing time until 6am when Bed Bath and Beyond opened so I decided to run back in Target and grab our hidden goodies.  This time it was a like a ghost town and they were re-stocking some of the doorbusters.  I was able to get the pink Chi straightener I originally wanted and also our hidden stash.  No line at the checkouts - bingo! 

With our well-packed, over-stuffed SUV we headed on to Bed Bath and Beyond.  We picked up a few items, literally SHOVED them in the car and headed for home!  My thought was, if we woke anyone up we'd just pretend like we were just getting ready to head out shopping!!!  LOL

We drug everything in the dining room, had a "midnight snack"... then CRASHED!  I must say, I was SUPER impressed with my 75 year-old Grandmas!  How many of you could keep up with her?!  Plus, did I mention, she's got a sprained ankle!?  She's like super woman.


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