Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap & Organization Tip #2

I had a nice low key weekend at home.  I've been scrapbooking more lately than I have in months and I'm loving it!  Adam and I were looking through one of the books I completed and it dawned on me that one day our kids will get to look back through the pictures and see how mom and dad fell in love :)

Here's some pictures of the pages I completed this weekend, I've been in the 2-page layout mode of late:

I don't know why when I uploaded these pics it turned them sideways!  I can't figure out how to make them go back the right way.. frustrating because the pages are super cute! 

For today's organization tip.. this is how I store my 8.5"x 11" paper.  I got these paper racks when a scrapbook store in Baton Rouge went out of business.  I love them because they stack and take up a lot less room that way, plus, they make a very colorful statement in my room. 

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