Monday, August 6, 2012

Scrappin' Weekend

I took the weekend "off" to do one of my favorite things... scrapbook!  I've been trying to close in on the 3-year gap that I'm behind in my pictures and was doing a nice job until the summer hit and I've been froze in the same place for weeks now!!  (I mean really, what have I have been doing right?!)  I think I made 16 pages this weekend which I know isn't a lot but I still had to do laundry, clean, cook, watch the Olympics, go to church, run some errands and hang out with my man and my furbabies that turned 4 Saturday!! 

Here's a few of my favorites: 

When I lived in LA, I traveled a lot for business and fun (I don't think I realized quite how much travel until I started making the scrapbook and every other picture was a trip!).  I've been using my Cricut "50 States" Cartridge quite a bit for the state cut outs and integrating them onto the pages as a journaling block and I think it's turning out really cute.  I also liked the way the layout with the 4 squares with pictures in the centers turned out; I've seem a similar layout like this before and haven't had the "right" pictures to make it work!  My FAVORITE from the weekend is the last page.  I used the Cricut "Slumber Party" Cartridge for the adorable accents in the squares.  It was a lot of little pieces to put together but totally worth it.  The pages I'm working on now are Lauren's wedding from August 2009.  Hopefully I get hers scrapbooked before mine happens!

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