Monday, August 20, 2012

Ruffles, Tulle and Organza, oh my!

My mom and grandma were down visiting for a little over a week.  We had appointments at 4 bridal salons in the Chattanooga area while they were here (split over 2 Saturdays).  Last weekend there were a few dresses that we liked but nothing we loved.  I was optimistic going into the appointments this last Saturday that I would find THE dress.  I think Saturday was just a big miss.  I knew 10 minutes into the second store's appointment they didn't have anything I was interested in and the saleswoman just keep shoving dresses down my throat.. I felt like that scene in Sex & the City where Carrie has a major meltdown and just wanted the wedding dress off!! I think I just need to take a break from looking and look over all the picture I have and see which dress stands out.  I still really like the one that I randomly tried on a few weeks ago and it fit me so well.  

I had a nice visit with my mom and grandma.  It seems like time always flies when they are here.  We got a lot done around the house - who doesn't love organization?!  I always want to have time to scrapbook with my mom but we never get to it!  We did watch The Hunger Games Saturday evening.  I thought they did a nice job following the book overall.  I don't care for the character they picked for Peeta, he seemed baby-ish to me. 

Speaking of movies, I'm ready for them to make 50 Shades of Grey.  I know the books are "bad" but I thought they were sooo good, loved the underlying story lines.  Once I started reading the first book I couldn't put them down!  

Anyhow, long story short, we had a nice week together.  I'm looking forward to going home Labor Day Weekend -- I haven't been home since Easter!!  I already have quite a few things on the agenda for that weekend.  

I'm also finally finished scrapbooking Lauren's wedding and activities and now it's on to the cruise I took Labor Day weekend of ..2009!  I'm really trying to get caught up, but it's a long slow process!  I laid out probably 30 pages last night so that's it quicker to make the pages when I do have time during the week; I'll post some pictures of my progress!  

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  1. Keep strong on the dress hunt! I know it can be frustrating but don't settle. You'll find one you just HAVE to have. :) Glad you had a good time with your fam!