Monday, December 14, 2015

Bathroom Under Sink Organization

It's hard to believe that come February, we will have been in our house for FIVE years.  Several areas definitely reflect that and have become major catch-alls!  Other areas, I don't think we are best utilizing the space.  One of those catch all/under utilized areas is under my husband's sink.  He has very few products that he requires each day and most fit in a basket (that's supposed to be loaded up and dropped back under the sink each morning but hardly ever happens).  But since he has so few items, I have re-purposed the area for other items.  

Here's a quick look at how it looked when I finally had enough of the mess:

Husband's side of the vanity

Site for sore eyes.  The only thing really working in this cabinet is where I store my washcloths for quick daily grabs (twice a day actually).  I also store the bathroom cleaning products under his side and that hot pink basket is a major catch all. 

I took most items out and gave it a quick wipe down.  I decided to leave the current shelving in place because it's working for the most part, esp. since you can remove/move around the slats.

The after.  I put away 90% of the items that had collected in the hot pink basket to their appropriate places around the house (jar of buttons to the sewing kit, various medical things to the medical baskets, fitbit accessories to the rest of the iPhone/device storage bin, etc.) and repurposed the basket to corral all of the cleaning supplies.  Now we can just pop out the basket when it's time to clean the bathroom vs fishing around under the sink.  The top shelf holds various items that are used in the bathroom at a least frequent basis. 

There's still plenty of space to pop in my husband's daily basket of items too. 
This took me about 30 minutes to straighten up and for sure, looks much better!  I'm slowly making my way through the house... one messy room at a time. 

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