Wednesday, January 13, 2016

December Goal Progress

Happy New Year!  This is also.. the year of BABY!  I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by, it seems even closer now that we are in 2016.  We go back to the specialist today for some more measurements and just to doublecheck that everything still looks a-okay.  Excited to see my little munckin again - it's been 5 weeks! 
I wrapped up December strong on some goals and not-so-strong on others!  That's ok, I like tracking the progress and seeing my comparisons each year.  
1.  Used up Products

  • Tree Hut Epsom  Sale in Tropical Mango - not sure this product really soothes any aches but the smell is divine.  Really enjoying this brand of products. 
  • Vaseline Lotion in Aloe Fresh - a favorite of mine and Adam's
  • Neutrogena make up remover cloths - I don't find that these alone remove all my make up so I use a cleanser after but they're good for travel when I don't want to worry about staining other's washcloths
  • Urban Decay Melt Away Eye-Makeup Remover - good riddance!  Not impressed at all with this product. 
  • Bath and Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Hand Soap
  • Misty Mountain Spiced Cranberry Hand & Body Lotion - full disclosure, I didn't use this up because it started smelling funky.  Hate to throw away a practically new bottle of lotion but I can't handle how it smells now.  It's only about a year old too - not sure what happened to it.
  • Fresh Sparking Snow Bath & Body Works Travel Hand Sanitizer
  • White Sands Glaze Plus Medium Hold Hair Product - I bought this in 2010 when I was still living in Baton Rouge and it's taken me this long to use up!  Again, I'm never really sure if hair products are doing anything or not for me!
  • Mama Bee Belly Butter - didn't love this scent at all.  Product is fine but just not my flavor.
  • Bath & Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig Shower Gel
  • Bath & Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig Body Cream
  • Blistex Ultra Rich Hydration
  • 2 blush brushes - both broken that I've been hanging on to for what reason? who knows.
2.  Books & Magazine

  • Holy magazine!  I read and tossed 13 this month.  I also read an ACTUAL book while we were away for the holidays.  Still really enjoy the Mary Higgins Clark books.  
  • I also listened to two Audible books - The Glitter and the Gold and The Last Anniversary.
3.  Blog Posts

  • 4 for the month

4.  Get More Exercise

  • January = 40.71 miles
  • February = 41.11 miles
  • March = 49.59 miles
  • April = 52.51 miles
  • May =  50.86 miles
  • June =  80.38 miles 
  • July =  77.46 miles
  • August = 72.02 miles
  • September =  57.56 miles (not a good month, more on that in another post)
  • October = 60.9 miles  
  • November = 46.09 miles
  • December =  48.24 miles
5.  Scrapbook Progress

  • January = 30 pages
  • February = 66 pages
  • March = 31 pages
  • April = 3 pages (bummer)
  • May = 29 pages 
  • June = 57 pages  
  • July =  30 pages
  • August = 88 pages
  • September = 6 pages
  • October = 0 pages (ugh)
  • November = 44 pages 
  • December = 27 pages  
So glad I was already able to get our trip to Spain and Portugal documented/scrapbooked and put on the shelf!  


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