Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Favorite Maternity/Baby Related Items so far (halfway!)

The world of baby and maternity is a whole new world for me!  I wanted to share some items that I have found to be helpful (halfway through!) my pregnancy journey.  

A recent favorite, the Baby Bargains book, has so many great tips for new parents on every product under the sun for baby.  They have several different price point categories so you can really find something that works well for your budget.  This book has gone with me everywhere and I rely on it often.  I ordered mine from Target but I've seen them on Amazon as well.

3-Ring Pregnancy Memory Keeper
Monthly Pregnancy Photo Kit, , large
Obviously, I'm a sucker for anything memory-related.  I saw this adorable pregnancy journal at Hallmark and had to have.  I didn't find it until 16 weeks or else I would have bought the signs for each week milestone too!

This maternity shirt from Gap is one of the first things I ordered.  I LOVE how comfortable it is and also has such a classic style.  I also get compliments when I wear it.  I actually ordered it in another color combo during all the sales this week too.

We picked up this adorable whale stuffed animal when I went for my gender ultrasound.  The technician recorded Baby Boy's heartbeat and put the recorder in the whale so when you squeeze it, you hear the heartbeat.  LOVE it. 

Product Image 

Next up is the Cosabella "Never Say Never Mommie" nursing bra.  I got mine from Nordstorm but lots of stores carry this line.  It was a bit pricey but I was in so much pain from the other bras I've bought at Motherhood Maternity that I was willing to splurge on this one if it worked.  It's actually on sale right now and I'm working to get a price adjustment!!

 Image result for the righteous butter
My last favorite item I stumbled upon by using up a sample I had in my stash.  I had been using the Burt's Mama Bees Body Butter but I really don't care for the smell of it.  I had a sample for Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter and LOVED it immediately.  I found that Ulta carries it.  I'm hoping it's got all the same(ish) ingredients as the Burt's Bees body butter and combats potential stretch marks.  So far, so good!

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