Monday, May 21, 2012

We are engaged!!!

Note:  We got engaged 5/20 but I waited to post this so we could get a hold of friends/family before they read it on here!

Wow -- what a day!  Adam started things off with a bang this morning!  He woke me up from a dead sleep at 7am to pop the question!  I said... YES! :)

Let's back up... Tuesday was Adam's 28th birthday.  We had plans to go to dinner pretty much right after work at PF Changs (his fav).  He got home before I did to let Henderson out and then we were going to head on once I got home (a few minutes later).  I was getting off our exit and he calls to tell me he's going to FedEx (quite a ways away and towards the restaurant) to pick up his new "mouse" for his computer.  I was like I'm almost home?!  Why don't we just get it after dinner?!  So he reluctantly agreed.  I'm thinking we've lived at our house for over a year and had probably 50 packages delivered and they've never required a signature -- this must be some computer mouse!  Little did I know, the ring was what we picked up! 

After we finished dinner, our fortune cookies came!  They could not have been more perfect! 

Adam's said:
"You are about to embark on a most delightful journey!"

Mine said:
"An exciting opportunity lies ahead of you."

Pretty good fortunes!  Actually, mine was reversed when I opened it and it said "moustache" in Chinese and I was like what kind of fortune is this?!?

So, we finished up, grabbed some blizzards from DQ for dessert and headed to the FedEx pick up center.  He ran in, got the package and we headed home.  

Fast forward to Thursday... Adam hadn't said anything about this super-duper mouse that had to be signed for so I'm like how's your new mouse?!  Why did you need a new one?!  You just got one a month ago!  He gave me some story about how the new computer game needed a new mouse and blah blah blah... so I bought it.  Then, I was in the basement putting something away and I look over at his computer and I'm like well that's strange.. looks like the old mouse to me!  

My parents and grandma came down to see us Friday.  We had a nice weekend hanging out around the house, going to some yard sales, eattin' some good meals, chatting with the neighbors, etc.  While mom, grandma and I were out at the yard sales Saturday morning, Adam and my dad had gone to the shooting range.  After they finished up, Adam asked my dad for his blessing for us to marry.  We've had fun teasing Adam about asking my dad while they were at a shooting range!  I guess they were back home though and Adam said he said to my dad "Since you're out of ammo, I wanted to ask you something..."

We went to dinner last night, came home, watched some TV and headed to bed.  Fast forward to this morning...

Adam always gets up early with Henderson to take him out, feed him, etc while I'm still sleeping.  I heard Adam come back in the room and then heard him brushing his teeth and fixing his hair in the bathroom.  I thought well that's weird, why is he getting ready so early in the morning...usually he comes back to snuggle me until I wake up.  Then, he shut the bedroom door (which we NEVER do because the cats don't like to be shut out!  Trixie was on the bed and Mason was shut out when this happened so Mason proceeded to rattle the door the whole time).  He said "I have to talk to you."  In my half asleep state, my first thought was Wow.. he's really serious.  Then, I thought, oh no, he's going to tell me my Japanese maple is dead out front!  (It's been looking pretty rough all weekend and it's kinda become a joke because Adam confessed to spraying it with weed killer, so I assumed he was preparing me for what I was going to see when I did get up.)  He kept asking me if I was awake and then proceeded to tell me how much he loves me, that he always wants to see me happy, that he wants to have a family with me and that he wants to marry me!  

I was so caught off guard (not to mention looking like what the cat drug out of the woods probably!) the first words out of my mouth were.... Are you serious?!  Followed up with .... "Did you ask my dad..."  Adam goes... Are you going to say yes or not?!  I said of course I will marry you!!  

Such a great way to start the day :)  

Our first call was to his mom and then we ran upstairs to wake up my parents and grandma.  They are all so excited and happy for us.  It took a while to call all of Adam's siblings and the rest of our friends/family but everyone has been so excited for us.  We don't have a clue when -- I'm thinking Spring 2013 at this point.  

I couldn't be happier to spend my life with Adam and I love him more than I ever thought possible.  Not only am I marrying my best friend, I am gaining so many wonderful family members.  I love his siblings like they are my own and feel like I'm getting the sisters I never had and didn't know I wanted :)

Now, let's talk about the ring!!!  We literally ring shopped from Louisiana to Michigan over the past 14ish months.  As you may have come to realize, I'm a pretty picky girl!  When we first started looking, I thought I wanted the rings that have "wavy bands" but then I never liked the way the band and engagement ring "fit" together.  Then, I was really liking halo mounted rings... then.. around October I saw MY ring.  I think it was love at first sight (kinda like with Adam!!).  It's a round solitaire with 6 shared prong diamonds mounted on either side of the band.  It's such a classic and the diamond he got is BIG and GORGEOUS!!!  I remember he told one of the jewelers somewhere that I was too beautiful to have a simple mounting (how sweet is he?!).  I can't stop staring at the ring!  I told him I'm going to have such an unproductive week!  We are heading to his parents house this weekend for Memorial Day and are looking forward to celebrating with everyone.  I guess next up, we will have to figure out this whole wedding planning thing!  We all know there's going to be lots of pink!!!

And now.. some pictures!!   

First time I've been early to work in a while!  So excited to share the good news with my co-workers and friends!

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  1. OK that was such a cute story! I laughed out loud, ALOT! haha Love the fortune cookie readings, the "now that you're out of ammo..." comment to your dad (HILARIOUS!!), and you being worried about your Japanese Maple! lol too sweet of a weekend! PS - so I take it the FedEx box was your ring?? And I LOVE your ring! GORG!! Congrats again friend!! So excited for you guys!