Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Step 1 -- Find a venue and book the date!

These past 3 weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions - excited, happy, loving, anxiety, stressed -- you name it I've been there!  Still over the moon happy and in love though so that's what matters right??  We went to Michigan for Memorial Day so it was fun to see all of Adam's family and celebrate our big news.  We got back late Monday night and then Mom came down Wednesday evening.  I have been researching venues pretty much everywhere from south of Knoxville to the GA border looking for the "perfect" spot for our big day.  I narrowed in on 2 contenders and made appointments to go see them with mom Thursday morning. 

There was one place we saw pictures of online (that shall remain nameless because I don't want sued) that we were sooo excited to go see.  The pictures just made it seem like the perfect spot.  Well, on the way out to this "spot" the road went from bad to worse to flat out awful!  We drove down the LONG gravel driveway into the gravel parking lot and I really didn't even want to get out of the car (I had the same feeling several times house hunting and it brought back unwanted memories!).  Once we got out of the car, the first thing you see across the river was barges being loaded at a huge dock.  Not exactly the backdrop I was going for.  The Italian style house had a lot of damage that was very visible and when we went inside to meet the event coordinator the place was dirty.  There was even a dog in the kitchen while they were preparing food for an event!!!  Thanks but no thanks!  We went through the tour and quickly left.

The first place we saw is one that I've always thought was beautiful when I've seen pictures on the web.  The estate sits at the top of Lookout Mountain right across the GA border.  The girl that met us to give the tour was knowledgeable and personable and suggested different ways to stage the events.  When mom saw the croquet lawn, where the ceremony would be, she started crying -- it is such a beautiful, romantic area.  There's a huge patio on the back of the house we would use for the reception and it overlooks the valley.  The only downside with this venue is there's not a good rain back up.  We would have to rent a pavilion on the property as the backup, especially since we are having 150 people and a seated dinner.  I'm ok with the reception being in the pavilion but they told me the ceremony would have to be as well -- the HUGE problem I have with that is they aren't willing to flip the space in between so guests would basically be sitting at round tables for the ceremony.  I can't imagine paying all the thousands it will be to have guests sitting there like they are at a sporting event... decisions decisions.

Adam went back up there with Mom and me Sunday evening so we could see what the area looked like around the time of our proposed ceremony and it was really pleasant out.  He really liked the area and the uniqueness of it.  I called the venue yesterday and we have a hold on it until tomorrow for June 8th, 2013.  So we are getting married in 368 days!  I also have a hold on a photographer who's work I really like and a B & B that's right across from the venue.  Now we all just have to start praying for no rain!!!  

Thursday evening the girls I work with threw an engagement party for me!  It worked out great because mom got to come with me.  They had everything pink for decor and all my favorite foods (fruit, pink cupcakes complete with engagement ring toppers), pepperoni rolls, chick-fil-a nuggets (extra crispy), pink champagne, and lots of other goodies!).  They got me a beautiful tiara and a rhinestone picture frame.  


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  1. Glad the planning process has begun and you're having fun with it!! Love that your coworkers threw you an engagement party with all your fave colors! Super cute!!