Friday, May 18, 2012

12 Days 8 States

After Easter, life got crazy again.  We drove back from WV Sunday evening and I left bright and early the next morning for Oxford, MS.  Talk about a long, boring drive!  I was invited by Winchester, another division of Olin, to participate in some training at one of their new locations.  It was neat to see another branch of the business but it made for a long drive in a short amount of time.  Oxford is a cute, quaint town.  It's also the home of Mississippi State so there were tons of college kids roaming around.  The old downtown has a lot of character and charm and I'm sure I could have done some damage at the boutiques lining the streets had I had more time (and energy)!

I got back Tuesday night, worked Wednesday and Thursday, then flew to Pittsburgh for a weekend in Morgantown!  I was a guest speaker at an engineering conference at WVU Saturday morning (wow, that makes me sound old!!) so I invited Jen & Lauren to come stay at the hotel with me and we had a reunion with Jaime.  It was so much fun being together and having girl time!!!

Love how this picture turned out (no, we didn't plan to match!).  This was taken in front of Woodburn Hall on the downtown campus.  Lots of memories in that town!

I flew back to TN Sunday, did laundry and re-packed!!!  Thursday, Adam and I were up BRIGHT & EARLY to drive to Atlanta to catch a flight to San Francisco for a long-weekend together (along with 3/4s of his family).  We had been counting down since February for our trip to Cali and San Fran has always been on my "bucket list" (ok - mainly Alcatraz) but San Francisco just looks so beautiful in all the pictures!  That being said, CA deserves it's own post (or two) so more to come!   

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