Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hippity Hop -- Right thru April

It’s hard to believe that this was the 3rd year Adam has gone home for Easter with me (Henderson’s second).  It’s funny to compare the past 3 years of Easters – see below.  I guess we haven’t really changed that much, the biggest change has been our zip codes over the last 3 years!  I love that Adam tolerates my need for us to match on Easter Sunday J
Adam was wearing my grandpa's tie in the middle picture and one of his white dress shirts this year (bottom pic).  Funny thing is, he didn't try on the shirt prior to Easter morning and the sleeves were a little on the short side!  Lesson learned about not trying things on in advance!
We had a nice visit at home and got to spend time with Abs.  That little tyke has soooo much energy!  She can wear out 5 adults and still keep going and going and going!  She loves to wrestle Adam.
Telling Adam what to do - wonder who she learned that from??
We also celebrated Granny, Chip and my birthday while we were all there together.  I can't believe I'm 26!  When did I get this old?!?  I still feel like I'm 18.

Family pic for my birthday minus the cats

The April Birthday Babies and our official "candle blower outer"
We ended Easter weekend with what's becoming our traditional Easter egg hunt with Miss Abbie.  I remember in 2009, when we "hid" the eggs for her by laying them in the grass.  Now, she will race you to get them in her basket before you can and loves to decorate them ahead of time with paint, stickers, dye, markers and sometimes even rocks.  

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  1. Aww I love the Easter pics from the last 3 years of you and Adam. So cute and fun to see! Hope you're doing good girlie!