Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Aftermath and Welcome Distractions

In the days since the tornadoes there's been so much to just take in.  It still doesn't seem real that it happened HERE.  Typically you see things like this on the news happing around the world and while you feel sad for those affected it doesn't "linger" per say.  Here you are reminded of it everywhere you look, every channel, every newspaper, every person you talk to.  It really hit me today when I saw one of the weather report outs that showed a map with where every tornado hit and how intense the winds were, width, etc.  The Ooltewah tornado stopped less than 5000 feet from my house.  It was a direct path and had it not stopped I would have had significant damage.  To see the map is so sobering.  I just can't imagine - makes you realize how many things in life  - and people - you take for granted.  

While all this has been going on here, life is still going on everywhere else.  Friday was the Royal wedding.  I was one of the billions that got up at 4am to watch the events unfold.  It was a welcome distraction for sure.  I like many others had been waiting to see the real life Fairy Tale take place.  I mean who doesn't want to be a Princess??  I thought everything was perfect, beautiful and "simply" done to reflect the couple's tastes while also keeping up all the royal traditions.  The only thing I would critique was Kate's bouquet - it was SOOO pathetic looking!  I think she should have had something bigger and more "bloomy."  Her little sister was stunning as well.  I'd say she'll be hitting the aisle sometime soon the way she rocked her dresses.  I thought it was nice too that her brother got to have a part in the ceremony.  

The countdown is underway for Adam's move here!  If all goes as planned he will be here for good Friday night.  Our whole relationship has been knowing that the other would be relocating soon so now it's such peace of mind to know that we are going to be together without the black clouds!!!  I haven't seen him since Easter so I am anxiously awaiting his arrival. :-)     

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