Friday, November 6, 2015

October Progress Toward Goals

Well now the cat's out of the bag!  It's still hard to believe (minus the growing stomach) that we are going to have a baby this time next year!  I'm trying to soak up all the free, non-crazy time that I can now!  I'm having fun browsing various websites looking at baby goods, just can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl!  I've been off the "goal" wagon of late with all the travel and not feeling good but alas, here's where I ended up:

1.  Used up Products

There were a few this month.  
  1. This large bottle of Laura Mercier foundation primer in radiance.  I liked the other one I had better and this was such a big bottle for traveling.  I do still like the Laura Mercier products tho.  Great coverage ad long wearing.  
  2. 2 bath and body works hand soaps.  I tend to get products down to almost empty in my purse and then put new ones in then I use up the left overs around the house. One of these scents was Midnight Pomegranate and I would not repurchase.  The other is Beautiful Day and it's become one of my favorites - so clean smelling.
  3. I didn't technically use up these 2 lip products but they don't do anything for me and chap my lips.  The Burt's Bees was given to me and the other is a Tarte stick but the color is just wrong for me.

2.  Books & Magazine

 I read and tossed 9 magazines and continue to be obsessed with my Audible subscription.  I'm always so sad when I finish up an audiobook!  This month I listened to:  Uganda be Kidding Me by Chelsea Handler and Happily Ali After by Ali Wentworth.  I tend to prefer autobiographies, esp. when read by the person. 

3.  Blog Posts
  • 1 for the month

4.  Get More Exercise

  • January = 40.71 miles
  • February = 41.11 miles
  • March = 49.59 miles
  • April = 52.51 miles
  • May =  50.86 miles
  • June =  80.38 miles 
  • July =  77.46 miles
  • August = 72.02 miles
  • September =  57.56 miles (not a good month, more on that in another post)
  • October = 60.9 miles
5.  Scrapbook Progress

  • January = 30 pages
  • February = 66 pages
  • March = 31 pages
  • April = 3 pages (bummer)
  • May = 29 pages 
  • June = 57 pages  
  • July =  30 pages
  • August = 88 pages
  • September = 6 pages
  • October = 0 pages - how sad is that?!  I was on such a roll and then I ordered a big patch of pictures to use up a print plan I had and the shipping took FOREVER.  Then we were out of town and had company for 2 weeks so there just wasn't any scrapbook time!  Now I'm trying to figure out what all the picture page ideas were, a month and a half later!

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