Thursday, November 5, 2015

Baby Gray is on the Way!

Such an exciting time for us!  I found out I was pregnant pretty much right away -- right at 4 weeks.  We started "trying" when we were on our big trip to Spain/Portugal but it ended up taking an extra month for things to work out.  

I had a work event going on and ran by Target to grab a box of 2 pregnancy tests.  Went to dinner and finally got home around 9pm and took the first pregnancy test.  I saw the 2 lines and debated whether or not to take the other test right away.  I ended up sticking the test in the drawer and working out.  I didn't mention it to Adam because we were going to Michigan that weekend and I didn't want us to be tempted to say anything!  The next morning, I took the other pregnancy test and the 2 lines showed up ASAP.  I stuck that one in the drawer and went on my with business as usual!

That afternoon I ran home on my way to downtown Chattanooga for another work event to let Henderson out... the dog had basically exploded all over the basement!  I cleaned up so much vomit and poo!  It was like God was saying "get ready for baby!"  With the dog being so sick, I ended up staying in TN with him while Adam flew to MI to see his family/brother from out of town.  So for 4.5 days I had this HUGE secret all to myself!  

When Adam got home Sunday afternoon, I had a chalkboard sign around Hendy's neck that said "Big Brother."  Since we were trying I don't think it was that big of a surprise but I think I still got him. :)

Weeks 4-6 weren't much different than usual.  The biggest changes right away were my skin breaking out (feel like I'm back in high school!) and my chest was SO sore.

The weekend we were in Chicago was when the "morning" sickness hit.  I didn't throw up but man I wanted too.  I really felt bad all day with nothing providing much relief.  

Right at 7 weeks the throwing up began.  I woke up knowing it was going to happen.  I didn't have anything in my stomach so it was just bile and felt horrible.  I did have about 30 minutes of relief after throwing up but then felt rough pretty much all day at work.  The next day, Adam made me toast to eat before getting up - 1 piece at 5am and another at 6:15am.  I didn't throw up but still had the dry heaving - lots of dry heaving going on during these weeks!!

My sweet husband, bought one of everything!
I also picked up my first "pregnant" baby items - I couldn't resist these adorable plane items at Target.

When I was 8 weeks and 1 day, we had our first doctor's appointment.  Our official due date is April 25, 2016 - exactly what I had expected it to be.  That's 2 weeks after I turn 30 and right in between both our birthdays.  I wanted a spring baby :).  Doctor said everything looked great and we had our first ultrasound!  It was such an emotional thing to hear the heartbeat!!  It was 174 beats per minute and I can make out the head and little nubby arms.  We go back at 12 weeks for another ultrasound and the next appointment.  The morning sickness is still pretty severe and Adam says it's more than morning because I'm sick all day -- it's quite miserable.  I did get a prescription at the doctor so I'm hopeful that it will help.

Our first "family" pic

4 pills a day = feel almost human again


Right at 9.5 weeks we finally had a chance go to go WV and tell my family.  I ordered these cute booties from Etsy and surprised my mom (and later Adam's mom) with them.  My family was taken completely off guard and Mom couldn't believe I waited almost 6 weeks to tell her.  Everyone's so excited.   

Between visits to our families, I had several work trips.  While in Morgantown, I had to pick up Baby Gray it's first official WVU gear!  I also got a onesie at a Hallmark up there the day after I got these items.  Baby Gray also went to it's first WVU game - WVU beat Maryland at WVU.    

When I was 10.5 weeks we flew up to Michigan to break the baby news to Adam's family.  Again, totally caught everyone off guard but it was fun to celebrate in person with them.

Silly me thought that when week 12 arrived I would wake up and magically feel "normal" again - I started Day 1 of Week 12 throwing up in the bathroom sink.  Let's hope those days are numbered...

Week 12 Day 2 we had another ultrasound!  I was so ready to see Baby Gray again.  Everything looked great - heart beat was 175!  Baby G looked so peaceful in there :)  Total length is about 3".  I had lab work that was sent off for testing - we are anxious to get the results.  My next ultrasound is at 19 weeks but we are likely going to a place in Chattanooga at 16 weeks to hopefully learn the gender!

Our second family photo :)
Look at that sweet little profile of Baby Gray's face

Legs tucked up

Looking right at the camera! 

Rubbing little baby eyes!

Now we are at Week 15.5 and I'm still having some days that I lose my meals but I'm hoping it's slowing down!  I spilled the beans with the rest of my work and our facebook friends about 2 weeks ago now. 

We had a football party at one of the gals I work with's house and here's what I wore:

.. and here's how we went "public".  Henderson really does look concerned!  He was such a good sport for the photo shoot.

I've also picked up some fun new ornaments - here's one of them, love anything you can personalize!

The countdown is on to find out if it's Baby Gray Girl or Baby Gray Boy!  If Baby cooperates we should know in 5 days!!!  Let the shopping begin :)

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