Sunday, August 30, 2015

Under Sink Declutter

Ever have an urge on a Saturday night to clean out a cabinet? No?  Well.. sometimes I do and I had the perfect spot -- under the kitchen sink!  We keep most of our cleaning supplies under this sink and it was starting to pile up!

Here's the guilty cluttered cabinet

Everyone loves a good before picture...

I took everything out and sorted into type of product/type of cleaner

Cabinet with almost everything out -- the extra swiffer cloths and kitchen trash bags are still working for us in this back corner.  I took time to wipe out the cabinet and each of the baskets.

Everything put back away! 

I did add some additional storage containers I just had as extras that weren't being used to break down the categories.  From the left in the white basket we've got Lysol wipes, Windex, all purpose cleaners and air freshener sprays.  The pink basket has stainless steel cook top cleaners.  The clear shoe box behind the middle bar has all the wood product cleaners.  Then there's a row of dish type products.  The little shallow tray has garbage disposal cleaners and Goo-Goo gone products.  I also keep potatoes in this cabinet -- just really don't have a better option!  

I found a few things that didn't belong in here (plant food and plastic ice cubes) and tossed some other items and am really pleased with how it turned out!  Plus, it took only 30 minutes, tops.  Now, I'm inspired to find some other problem areas in the house!

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