Wednesday, November 19, 2014

October Progress Toward Goals

Break out the winter wear -- it is FRIGID!!! I do not recall it being this cold in November, particularly in Tennessee!  There was snow flurries on my way to work yesterday and ice in patches on the sidewalk this morning!  I also can't believe that we will be cooking up Thanksgiving dinner next week!  What.a.year!  Big changes are a coming!  I think I am MOST excited for this weekend - Adam and I will both be in town and we are planning a pj fest, tree decorating, family getting ready, me scrapbooking/ him computer gaming, good time happening weekend! Now I just have to get him motivated to help me carry all the tree parts up from the basement... that's pretty much the only decorating I do before Thanksgiving - I just like for my family to be able to see my trees while they are here for Thanksgiving.  Plus, with Thanksgiving being so late this year there's not a lot of time between the two holidays.  


1.  Only buy the absolute necessary toiletries/cosmetics/etc

I don't think I bought anything new in October - didn't really use anything up either. 

2.  No more magazine subscriptions (unless they are free).  My goal is to finish reading the backlog  of magazines in the living room and then start on my actual book collection!  My goal is 1-2 books per month.  
I did some catch-up magazine reading this month.  I did read two borrowed books - Gone Girl and The Best of Me.  Gone Girl was like woah... and I didn't really care for The Best of Me -- not my favorite Nicholas Sparks book. 

 3.  At least one blog entry a week. 
Yep.  I got nothing.
4.  Use the elliptical that's literally just  accumulating spider webs in the basement -- get in 20-30 minutes a day on the elliptical and walk Henderson 1-2 times  a week.
January - 56.53 miles 
February - 64.57 miles 
March - 62.27 miles
April - 46.23 miles
May - 68.84 miles 
June - 61.61 miles
July - 65.74 miles
August - 92.91 miles 
September - 44.36 miles 
October - 57.13 miles
 5.  Less eating out at work.  My goal is to only eat out 2-3 times a week.  
Doing great with this one!

6.  Since I beat my scrapbook page goal for 2013, I think I am going to go with ... 300 pages for 2014.
I made 8 pages during October.  I'm up to Memorial Day 2011!  SO many pics from 2011.  Wowzers. 

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