Wednesday, October 22, 2014

September Progress Toward Goals

Once again, I find myself nearing the end of another month scratching my head wondering where the time has gone!!  This fall has been good to us but man has it been busy!! With all the travel in September and all the crazy stuff that's going on at work, there's not much time for anything else it seems.  I did finally get to meet my new nephew - Colton - this past weekend!  Adam and I spent out first weekend since Easter in WV last weekend and it was great.  A lot of time hanging around the house with the family not really doing much of anything.  Just what we needed.  

Here's an update on my goals for September (before October is over and I have to do that update!):

1.  Only buy the absolute necessary toiletries/cosmetics/etc
I still haven't had time to shop which is good!  I have been using up my travel stash like crazy though and I used up some other beauty products as well.  I used up two chap sticks and one of my travel hand soaps from Bath & Body Works - I'm in LOVE with the Beautiful Day scent; so clean smelling. 

2.  No more magazine subscriptions (unless they are free).  My goal is to finish reading the backlog  of magazines in the living room and then start on my actual book collection!  My goal is 1-2 books per month.  
I did some catch-up magazine reading this month.  I also finished one Audible book - Orange is the New Black. 

 3.  At least one blog entry a week. 
Yep.  I got nothing.
4.  Use the elliptical that's literally just  accumulating spider webs in the basement -- get in 20-30 minutes a day on the elliptical and walk Henderson 1-2 times  a week.
January - 56.53 miles 
February - 64.57 miles 
March - 62.27 miles
April - 46.23 miles
May - 68.84 miles 
June - 61.61 miles
July - 65.74 miles
August - 92.91 miles 
September - 44.36 miles - Lame!  Worst month this year!  Would def. correlate to the crazy schedule.  
 5.  Less eating out at work.  My goal is to only eat out 2-3 times a week.  
So with all the traveling, my goal is just to eat as healthy as possible.  It's working.  Somewhat.

6.  Since I beat my scrapbook page goal for 2013, I think I am going to go with ... 300 pages for 2014.
Somehow I squeezed in 10 pages for September!  I still find myself waaaay back in April of 2011.  I did also make some adorable baby shower invites in September as well. :-)

Happy Fall! 

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