Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wedding Card Preservation

It's been a year since our wedding and I'm still trying to figure out how I want to preserve some of our keepsakes, cards and mementos.  It's mind-blowing that we've already been married 13 months!  This past weekend I spent some time and finally tackled the stacks of wedding cards that have just been collecting dust in my scrapbook room and here's what I did... 

These are mostly the cards from the actual wedding - all of the shower cards, etc were already sorted out.

I utilized the 12x12 envelope pages from the Project Life collection - LOVE these - and sorted the cards into cards from the actual wedding day guests and cards from gifts that were mailed to us before/after the wedding. 

Voila!  The envelope seals nicely and the cards lay so flat in the envelope and are protected from dust, getting folded, etc.  Plus, there's a pocket on the front if you want to slide a 4x6 card in it to journal/label what's in the envelope.
Here's a side shot of my 3 envelopes.  I plan to add some more envelopes to this binder and make it more of the thicker items I want to keep from the wedding so I don't make the actual picture scrapbooks of the wedding/pre-wedding to thick. 
You can see in this view here there's a smaller size envelope in the front of the larger 12x12 ones - I put the cards Adam and I exchanged before the wedding in here just to keep them separate.
Love the end result!  This has been a great way for me to store cards, larger items and I can totally see using this for baby cards, etc in the coming years.  

What did you do with all your wedding cards?  Any fun ideas out there to share?

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