Monday, February 3, 2014

January Progress Toward Goals

February so soon?!  Not going to lie, I was pretty excited about my first month of following my personal goals!  I can tell several differences in my daily routine:
1) Less TV and even if I'm watching one of my usual shows I make myself walk during commercials or during the show if it's recorded
2) Less TV = more scrapbook time (note - I don't watch that much TV anyway but even an hour each night after work quickly adds up!)
3) No shopping - I didn't even tempt myself to purchase anything I didn't need and I don't think I left the house most weekends!

So to update on each of my goals specifically:

1.  Only buy the absolute necessary toiletries/cosmetics/etc. 
Here's some of the "non-essential" items I used up in January (obviously not tracking things like toothpaste, etc).  Most of these items I would re-purchase and probably will once I use up some other items.
  • Nuetrogena oil-free eye makeup remover - This is a good, cheaper option to eye-make up remover.  I thought I really liked it until I started using my Laura Mercier one and now I'm not sure which one I prefer.  
  • Paris Amour Bath & Body Works Shower Gel - Not going to lie, I have several more of these in my stash.  I do like the scent but now find I'm growing tired of it
  • Bamboo Pink Long Last Clinique Lipstick - this has been a favorite for years.  Only downside is that you have to apply it 20 times a day and you go through the tube rather quickly.  
  • Blistex Complete Mositure Lip Gloss -- LOVE this.  
  • Carmax Complete Moisture Lip Gloss - This is another good product for lips but I think I prefer the Blistex product.
  • Benefit they're real mascara - this was in a sample kit I got before Christmas and this is something I would def. repurchase.
  • Urban Decay Eyelash Primer Potion - this is something that is SO hard to find in the stores!  I'm on my last one now and last time I was in Sephora (before Christmas) I found out they are no longer going to carry it.  Bummer.
  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - this lasted FOREVER and I really like the base it gives my foundation.  I had already ordered another one and actually ended up ordering one that's slightly different that I'm using now.  I think I prefer this one over the one I have now though. 

2.  No more magazine subscriptions (unless they are free).  My goal is to finish reading the backlog  of magazines in the living room and then start on my actual book collection!  My goal is 1-2 books per month.  
I think I finally dented my magazine backlog!  12 magazines got tossed (actually People gets passed on to my grandma) and 4 books are finished!  My moms been passing her Mary Higgins Clark books on to me as she finishes them - pretty good easy reads.  I bought Melissa Rycrofts book from Amazon before Christmas - I've always liked her so I thought the book would be interesting.  She didn't talk much about her time on The Bachelor or as a DCC.  I could have done without the chapters of her dragging on about her heartbreak.  Overall pretty good easy read. 
 3.  At least one blog entry a week.  
 I ended up with 7 entries for January so I'm on track!

4.  Use the elliptical that's literally just  accumulating spider webs in the basement -- get in 20-30 minutes a day on the elliptical and walk Henderson 1-2 times  a week.
A cold basement and freak snow storm have slowed me down on this goal!  I've decided it'll be more fun for me to try and beat the previous month's miles.  So, for January, I walked 56.53 miles.  Bring it on February!

5.  Less eating out at work.  My goal is to only eat out 2-3 times a week.  
I was tracking this and then got lazy with it - I had a business trip one week so that messed up my tracking too.  

6.  Since I beat my scrapbook page goal for 2013, I think I am going to go with ... 300 pages for 2014. 
I am def. on track for this!  I shocked myself when I counted up how many pages I did in January ... 121!!!!  I started working on my wedding album last night and am excited to share some of it in a later post.
What about you?  How are your goals/resolutions coming along?  

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