Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Wedding Shoes

A lot of time and thought went into what my wedding shoes would be!!  I literally searched from TN, to MI, to San Francisco to Vegas.  I stumbled upon my PERFECT shoes literally at midnight when shopping at Caesar's Palace Forum Shops in April.  It was love at first sight.  They were my first Kate Spade purchase and actually a shorter heel than what I typically wear, but the perfect height for all day wear and perfect since I didn't need to have any length alterations to my dress!!

Here's some pictures from the night I got my shoes, I look a little rough but mind you, it was midnight!!  

 It's funny to look through the pictures from the wedding because it seems my shoes had a little photo shoot of their own when I wasn't looking!  Got some cute shots!


My favorite

I really like this picture too.  Abbie (my niece) was pretty upset that she didn't get to wear high heels in the wedding but once she discovered that her flats had sparkles all over just like mine we were golden.  This is us chatting about how much our shoes look alike (even though she pointed out that hers still don't have a heel) :)

This is a funny one -- my dress is escaping from the photo booth and then you can see my shoes kicked off to the front of the booth.  I think it was a combination of they made me too tall for the shot and by that point, 8 hours in, my feet weren't saying they'd had enough!

Last but not least, here's a picture of the bridesmaid shoes I got for my ladies .  I thought they were so pretty and classy looking.  Poor girls though, these have a 4 1/4" heel!  I didn't think that through because they are all taller than me anyway and my heels were shorter so I just looked like a munchkin in comparison haha

 What did your wedding shoes look like??  

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