Monday, March 4, 2013

Wedding Day Countdown... 96 to go!

96 days!  Where did they go?!  I keep meaning to blog .. to blog about ANYTHING.. but life is happening SO fast and in SO many directions! From 6:45am to 11:30pm my day is nonstop craziness.
I've made a lot of progress on the wedding front but now I feel the pressure of time running out and a whole lot of decisions still to make.  The BIG ones are out of the way but now I need to go back and finalize everything with each of the vendors.
Here's a quick rundown:
  •  I got my passport back over the weekend now we just need Adam's back!
  • My wedding band came in and we've ordered Adam's.  Should be in sometime next month.  It's a really pretty cobalt band.
  • Decided on using my current hair girl for everyone's wedding day hair
  • Ordered shoes for the bridesmaids and they came in this weekend, love them!
  • Mom ordered her dress
  • Booked hotel for wedding night and the next night before we catch our Honeymoon flight
  • Picked out all the pictures for the wedding slideshow
  • Booked ceremony/cocktail hour musician
  • Started pre-marital counseling this past weekend
  • Made a rough draft of the program
  • Ordered half of the paper for the invitations
  • Met with printer for invitations
  • Assigned rooms at the bed and breakfast
  • Got rates for courtesy blocks at several hotels
  • Bachelorette trip booked!! FL here we come!
  • Ordered the cake
  • Signed contract for florist!
I'm sure there's been tons more but that's all that comes to mind right off.
This week's wedding to-do list entails:
  1. Exchange a pair of the bridesmaid shoes
  2. Order remain items for bridal party gifts
  3. Find different tie for groomsmen
  4. Check out some make up options
  5. Finalize wording on invitations and program
  6. Order invitation and program paper
  7. Meet with printer
This week's to-do list also includes getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed Thursday.  I've put this off for several years but apparently, I can't wait any longer.  I am SO not looking forward to it!  Mom's coming down to take care of me and to help with my to-do list.  Hopefully I feel up to it because I definitely don't have time to take a break right now!
I also just saw a commerical for Season 5 of Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta which starts Friday night.  Fingers crossed my footage never sees the light of day!!!!
Last week, we had our division HR meeting here in TN.  One of our group activities is something I've always wanted to do - wine and painting!  The only downside was we didn't get to pick the painting so I was stuck with a landscape.  It was a fun time and something I'd like to go again with my girlfriends.


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