Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Minus 4 Wisdom Teeth

Last Thursday I had the joy of having all 4 wisdom teeth removed.  I had them give me a Valium to take before I even got there so I was semi-relaxed going into it.  They knocked me out and it felt like I woke up within minutes.  When I woke up, I actually thought they hadn't even done it yet and then I realized I had a mouth full of gauze.  They moved me to recovery where I had to wait about 20 minutes before I was able to leave with Mom.
I was so paranoid I was going to be loopy and saying crazy things but I was completely wide awake and totally with it.  So weird.  We picked up my prescriptions and some ice from Sonic and headed home.  I was never really in tremendous pain, just still have pain down in my lower right jaw.  The whole thing is just uncomfortable more than anything.
Mom and Adam held me hostage on the couch and while I was hoping to finally catch up on some sleep.. I was wide awake.  I didn't sleep until about 5am Friday morning when I finally took some Motrin PM in the hopes of knocking myself out.  I had some type of reaction to the pain medicine and it just made me stay wide awake and itch like crazy.  While being held hostage I had my iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, work laptop and tv remote!  Could have been worse I suppose! 
Mom and I spent the weekend finalizing a few wedding details and semi-resting up.  I had a wonderful nap Saturday afternoon!
Things accomplished:
  1. Altered tux order - much happier with these decisions! 
  2. Finalized linen rental order and paid deposit
  3. Picked up Adam's wedding band -- love it!
  4. Met with printer
  5. Went to post office to find out about postage for my invitation (yikes! is all I have to say about that little finding out!)
  6. Bought the ring pillow and flower girl basket
  7. Finalized the wording/design on the invitation and program
  8. Ordered paper for invitations and programs

I'm sure there was more but that's all that's coming to mind right now!

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