Monday, July 11, 2011

Romantic Getaway with my Love

It's really quite funny how things work out... in May, Adam and I were talking about how June was going to be such a good, slow, relaxing month because we didn't have to travel anywhere, no visitors, etc.  So, being the planner that I am, I thought well, wouldn't it be nice to sneak away to Asheville for a night and go see the Biltmore together???  About that same time, the Biltmore actually emailed out that they were running a special where you could get admission tickets for 50% off so I thought it was meant to be.  So, I booked non-refundable Biltmore tickets and a hotel room.  Naturally I ended up in Las Vegas that week and flew back Thursday evening.  Then, Adam's parents made an unexpected trip south and were staying with us Saturday night.  So sandwiched between Las Vegas and his parent's visit was our quick but fun trip to Asheville.  

It was a really nice drive over - I think it only took about 3.5 hours.  Adam had made reservations at a random restaurant he found online and it actually ended up being in the Biltmore Village right at the entrance to the Estate!!  He did such a nice job picking the place and the food was sooooo good!!  How cute are we??  (PS - doesn't the deer on the wall resemble Henderson?!)   

Love my strappy sexy little shoes! 
We knew time was going to be limited since his parents were en route on Saturday so it was up and out early to beat the crowds and the heat at the Estate.  After a semi-battle, Adam agreed to wear the head seat (that I had already bought as part of the package!) for the tour.  I think sometimes he just likes to get my feathers ruffled for the fun of it.. :-)  No matter how many times I see the Biltmore I still think it's beautiful!!  There's just something magical about it.   
We decided this would be a nice size yard for Henderson

After the house tour, we grabbed some ice cream and strolled through the gardens.  Our goal was the bass pond.  It was BOILING by the time we made it to the pond.  I think that was my first time venturing through the garden though - not much was in bloom - I guess we missed all the pretty flowers. 

We wrapped up our trip and headed back West to Ooltewah to wait for his parents to arrive.  It was their first time coming to see the new house and we had a good, but brief visit.  Even though our trip to the Biltmore was a little rushed I still loved getting to spend some quality love with my man :-)     

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