Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 1 - NYC

So I feel like I have been going a million miles per hour.  Not only that, but I’ve covered WV, NY, NV and NC in the meantime too.  

I mentioned briefly in my last post that I went to WV the weekend before mom’s birthday to see the family and Miss Abbie.  It always feels like time flies when I’m home – there’s always so much to see and do and then it’s time to drive back to TN before I know it. We took Abbie to the re-opening of the train in Bluefield and she had a good time.  That girl loves her train rides!


Over Memorial Day, Mom and I went on a girl’s trip to NYC with some of the gals I work with in HR.  We had a great time and did so much in a short amount of time!!  Our flight was out of Atlanta on Thursday evening and we were supposed to get into NYC around 9:30pm or so.  Naturally, there were massive hail storms on the way to Atlanta and then the flight was delayed.  We ended up getting to the airport in NY around 1am.  Well, for the city that never sleeps.. we had to wait about 45 minutes to an hour for a taxi!  I guess the taxi drivers were napping at that time… We made it to the hotel around 2:30 and all crashed.  

Friday we were up and out early for our first full day of sight-seeing.  We started the day off with a double-decker bus tour of the city.  I love these tours – you get to ride around and just listen to what everything is without having to find out on your own.  The weather was really nice so it made it more peaceful.  Here we are ready for our tour!

Here’s some of the things we saw Friday morning:  
Flat Iron Building

One of the many Trump Towers

After the tour it was past time for some lunch.  We ate at a really good place right off Times Square called Junior’s.  I would definitely eat there again (and you know how picky I am).  The best part was the cheesecake!  Yummmm!!  
Melodye, Lisa, Norma, Me, Mom, Anne at Lunch

After our lunch, we walked it off by heading down to the wharf to pick up tickets for the Circle Line cruise.  Our tickets were supposed to be for a 3-hour cruise that went all the way around Manhattan but the tide was too high and we couldn’t make it under all the bridges apparently.  While we were waiting for our cruise time we made a quick tour through the wax museum.  This was my first time exploring a wax museum and it was something worth seeing once I’d say.  It was good to get inside out of the heat for a while too!!

We jogged back down to the wharf and it was anchors away for the next few hours.
(We almost look as stylish as the girls from Sex and the City…. Right????)

I could look at the NY skyline for days and still be amazed I think.  It’s like no other site out there.  Plus, it’s strange that Jersey it literally right beside you.  On a side note – we found out that the Statue of Liberty actually belongs to New Jersey!!!  Who knew?!?  That seems so wrong.

So if you look behind the little domed building that’s where the Twin Towers used to be.  

I think this picture is cool because this is the dock that the Titanic was headed to when it tragically sank in 1912

Here’s the New Jersey coast… apparently it’s become really developed in the last 5-10 years.  I definitely don’t remember it looking like this when we were there in 2003.

Here’s Ellis Island and of course, Lady Liberty

The Brooklyn Bridge

So in between these 2 piers (88 and 90) is where the flight landed a couple years ago

After our sightseeing cruise we were ready for some dinner!  Lisa wanted to go to Little Italy so we hailed some cabs and off we went.  Mom, Norma and I ended up with a driver who didn’t appear to have a clue where Little Italy was and our cab fare was literally 3 times more than Anne, Lisa and Melodye’s!  We ate a cute little Italian place right in the heart of Little Italy.  I think by that point we were all exhausted!



Empire State Building
Chrysler Building

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