Friday, March 4, 2016

February Progress on Goals

Life is just flying by!  We hit 32-weeks on the baby calendar and I am shocked how fast this pregnancy is going.  Being pregnant in the fall/winter is definitely the way to do it!  Moving while 8-months pregnant is probably not my best idea but things happen for a reason, right??  

I haven't been as "on track" with my goals lately, there's just too much to take care of.  But I'm still making an effort where I can!

1.  Used up Products
Ok, I am seriously cracking the whip on myself on this one - especially after packing up boxes and boxes of beauty products... while my husband watched.. and commented on each item... and told me I looked like a product hoarder.  So, honey, I vow, no more product purchases until I work through my stash!!!

Alas, I do have a few that I used up in February:
  • Large bottle of Victoria's Secret Love Spell hand sanitizer.  I had this on my desk at work and use it often so it was nice to have the bigger bottle.
  • Travel size Beautiful Day lotion from Bath & Body Works - did anyone else see they changed this to a blue color?  They swear at the store it's the same scent but I'm not convinced.  
  • Ulta Beautiful Lengths mascara - very wet and clumpy - this was free with a purchase I made around the holidays
  • Smashbox Full Exposure mascara - I use to LOVE this mascara - not sure what changed but I wasn't sad to use up my last one
  • Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - tried and true and already repurchased
  • Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser - I only used about half of this product - just couldn't get into it

 2. Books & Magazines
I packed up all my books with the exception of baby related ones so I was working through some magazines.  I also threw away a huge stack of magazines I found in the back of a cabinet from several years ago.  For February, I read 7 magazines and no books.
 3.  Blog Posts
  • 1 for February
4.  Get More Exercise
January = 47.10 miles which beats last January when I got 40.71 miles (yay, me!)
February = 43.18 miles which beats last January when I got 41.11 miles (baby steps!) 

5.  Scrapbook Pages
I wish I had time right now to be working on my scrapbooks!  I did go ahead and start Baby Gray's book - it's going to be a combination of Project Life and traditional scrapbooking.  For February, I completed 7 pages.  

Side note - these are almost all of my completed scrapbooks moved to the new house!  It was a full SUV moving these babies and they are HEAVY!  They all fill up the 3 boxes to the right.  Today, I have the shelf in my car that they get loaded back into in their new home.  These make me happy just looking at the picture! 

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