Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bahama Mama

We just returned from a week in the beautiful Bahamas!  We visited 2 islands - Long Island and Harbour Island - and my pilot husband flew us!  We had a fantastic trip and can't wait to return to Long Island.  It was just too beautiful for words.  This was also my first trip with my new camera!  I got a Nikon D5300 for my birthday and I'm in love!  It takes such beautiful pictures and I've really enjoyed learning how to use it.

Flying over Savannah, GA

Sunrise in Daytona from our hotel room
Our first time in FL together!
The race track in Daytona - right beside the airport 

Flying over so many island airports!

Our beach bungalow

Loved the screened in room!

GORGEOUS beach and water!

checking out Dean's Blue Hole

Dean's Blue Hole

 St. Peter and Paul Church in Clarence Town, Bahamas
St. Peter and Paul Church in Clarence Town, Bahamas

at the Tropic of Cancer!
Our Resort on Long Island 

The Resort from the sky 

My island friend

Conch Fritters
Island #2!

Corral Sands on Harbour Island

Corral Sands 

Our Private Beach House 

The Beach House from the sand side!  

The infamous pink sand

A Manatee!  She loves to drink fresh water from the water hose


The resort from the sky 

Our beautiful beach house with an amazing view 

The Rock House Pool

Dive Day 

Dunmore Town

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