Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I said YES.. to Say Yes to the Dress!!!!

Yes... you read that right... I was contacted to be on the show!!!  About a month ago I filled out an application online and pretty much forgot about it.  Well, a producer emailed me last week that they wanted to interview me to be on Season 5!!  She called me earlier today and asked a few questions about what I'm looking for, the personality of those shopping with me, and then asked if I was available to film.. NEXT WEEK!!  So next Tuesday <<one week from today!!!>> I will be heading down the road to Atlanta to film my dress shopping experience!  This is so not something that happens to me!  There's not a guarantee that I'll be selected for the season but it's still awesome to get to shop with professionals and hopefully I'll even find THE dress!  Now, how many pounds can one lose in a week?! AH! 

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