Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gettin' Settled... somewhat

I am SO tired of looking at boxes, unpacking moves, moving boxes around... basically anything to do with BOXES.  Luckily, my mom and grandma have been down here since last Sunday helping get everything unpacked and put away.  My  mom and I have different opinions on where things should go and how but I can always rearrange later.. right now.. it's mission Empty the Boxes!  Here's a picture from last Friday when the moving van came.  It's really pretty impressive to watch the guys unload everything from the big vaults and get it put inside, except for when they dropped my chest, that's always an "OMG did that really just happen" moment. 

This weekend has been really nice.  Adam drove up Friday with Henderson and the cats.  The cats have been staying with Adam since October when my LA house was put up for sale.  It is SO nice to have them back with me!!!  Trixie is very nervous so it takes her a while to adjust to being somewhere new, especially when there's a lot going on.  By last night she had finally come out from under my bed and by under my bed I mean out from the boxspring where she has dug a hole to hide in... 

Trixie nappin' on her favorite rug
The weather here this weekend was absolutely gorgeous.  One of the things I love at my new house is the screened in deck off the living room.  When I got home from work Friday, Adam and Henderson were hanging out on the deck. 
Mason also LOVES the deck.  He and Trixie are 100% indoor cats so being outside in any form is completely new to them.  I think Mason has even gotten locked out there a time or two this weekend. 

Mason bird watchin'
Well, I'm off to downtown Chattanooga.  After a week of unpacking boxes it's time to get some fresh air!!

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